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Ravenswood Cemetery, 7400 Lake Road West - Lots 55-56, is located in Bosanquet Township which is now 7400 Lakeshore Road, Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada.


Contact information: 


c/o Margaret Thompson

8954 Kinnaird Road, Lambton Shores, ON N0N 1J3

Events & Announcements

BOOKLET: there has been a third printing which includes an addendum with all of those who passed since the last print in 2017 plus a couple of new finds and a correction or two of spelling.

Please email Margaret at or call at 226-985-1738 to request a booklet.  $30   Three copies remain.


Donations may also be made through a website called ''.   Type in Ravenswood Cemetery under the Find A Charity.     Click on the link.




Decoration Day

Decoration Day is always the third Sunday in June at 2:30 pm. Each year we attempt to have a short 'message' by one of the local ministers and some special music. This is followed with cookies and a cold drink. We hope to have you join us.

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